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mondays Sep. 20th, 2004 @ 10:17 pm
school's no fun anymore...can i quit?

realizing my rough draft of my "essay" (not allowed to be called a book report, tho that's what it is) is due wednesday and i hadn't even started my book yet. so today when i got home, i took a nap till 4, then i read from 4:30 until 9:50 when i finally finished my book. it was a really good book and i highly reccommend it to anyone who's not afraid of reading. i gotta warn you that you'll need kleenex too (unless you are a heartless mean piece of crap)...i've never read a book so sad.

usually i dont like sad things (i mean who does). like i hate a walk to remember because honestly who wants to watch a movie like that for pleasure? its just too sad. its like eating a popsicle and snuggling up with you boyfriend to watch "the passion"...you just don't do it...but i really liked this book, even though it was the saddest thing i've ever read.

mean girls comes out tomorrow on dvd and dood i want it...*but* i want to save up my money to spend on things like going out with dave and plus now i gotta pay for my cell phone bill.

saw "ghost in the shell 2" yesterday with dave. i am not a huge fan of anime, but i love dave and he really wanted to see it. im an open girl and am willing to try anything (legal...) and the trailer made it look pretty good. so we went to the main art theatre and it an alright movie. the animation was pretty cool. good storyline but not nearly enough action....lots of confusing talking...like in the matrix 2 where that old guy talks for a long time and you are just like "..." it was like that for a good 1/2 of the movie.

one bad trip is on so imma go watch that

busy week, i probably wont talk to any of you...unless your name starts with a D- and ends with and -AVE

haha that was really lame...then again...this is a livejournal

i hate these things :)
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*sniff* Sep. 13th, 2004 @ 04:23 pm
allergies are a butthole

i finally got a cell phone :) hallelujah

jamaica: a month from thursday

i realized something about myself the other day...and ive been kinda sad ever since...i liked it better not knowing- ignorance *is* bliss

school's incredibly boring

play is kinda cool...i am in the first 10 minutes, thats about it- so much for getting better parts as you gain seniority

its amazingCollapse )

i watched salad fingers this weekend...its kinda weird, but i kinda like it

i gotta find a solution to my problem

<333 cler
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listening to: mindy smith- its amazing

i guess i might as well update Sep. 6th, 2004 @ 12:11 am
my allergies are being retarded today

uhh...happy labor day?

my family was gone all weekend in ohio but i had to work...work was *very* boring, but afterwards emily and i got to spend time together.

spent all last night and today with dave...i used to think that everyone was happy about dave and i together...but this week a bunch of things have come out of the woodwork...the funny thing is all the people who had a problem with us are all single people who can't seem to find a girlfriend/boyfriend hmmm....

im really hooked on The Surreal Life...I <3 Charo

i am also sad that i am no longer able to watch the nanny every morning :( they need to release that show on dvd

bought some new cd recently...i bought dave a bunch of stuff and then i bought the strokes, the sounds (YES!), and jason mraz live...its all awesome music i also got a copy of palisade and they are pretty good

my nose is running (i have the skittles! for all of you creative writers that remember that)

i leave for jamaica in one month and ten days

the day i leave is the day everyone else will be on the best retreat ever...rock climbing, horseback riding and all that fun stuff that *I* love and its the one retreat i cant go on...then again- ill be in JAMAICA :D im really excited for the trip because im making so many new friends with people on my team. its weird i think on my team the person closest to me in age is ten years older than me

nose is still running

saw anchorman and confessions of a teenage drama queen and new york minute and tokyo godfathers and american splendor and elephant and donnie darko and i gotta say i only liked three of them...tokyo godfathers, anchorman and american splendor

dont rent elephant...unless you like watching re-enacments of columbine, complete with brains flying out the back of a girl's head and slow-motion blood squirting everywhere...i thought i just might throw up...it was sick

school is alright...my classes are REALLY boring...they gave me all my easy classes first semester cos of jamaica...uhh but silver and blue is fun :)

on tuesday the cast list goes up for welcome to the monkey house...cross your fingers that i'll get the part of newt because (you can even ask nikia) i wanted that part before anyone else...

i would love to see jason mraz live...he is so amazingly talented...i <3 guitar players *WINK*

tomorrow im sleeping in and doing homework and uhh possibly calling dave again

i love that guy

night world
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uh...yea Aug. 23rd, 2004 @ 05:49 pm
school stuff today...took my picture

everyone else is posting their scheduals so i guess ill post mine:

first hour: 20th enturysomethingorother Rakozy
second hour: directed study Trelfa
third hour: tv broadcasting Fralick
fourth hour: health Boyle

yea...and you might've noticed my lack of a fifth hour...that is because our school is retarded

so much for testing out of health

well dave thinks my livejournal is retarded...yet he says that this is not a journal...dave, you're my boyfriend and i love you and i mean this in the nicest way: you're wrong and im gonna keep writing in this retarded journal so :-P

now that i think about it, journals are pretty retarded...but thats not the point

three months tomorrow, babe

im supposedly getting a cell phone next month...

and if all goes right, ill be getting my own room next fall

i have a cold sore, a burned tongue, a red blotch/markthing and a pimple all in the same general area of mouth/chin/neck...and dave still says im beautiful...what a guy :)

i really ought to clean my room...it looks like my closet/dresser exploded

why am i so tired?!?!? i slept all day and am ready to go BACK to bed now...eh

yea so im gonna go eat a salad now

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listening to: The Killers- Change Your Mind

whatever Aug. 16th, 2004 @ 11:05 pm
went to camp last week...it was wonderful and im sure you really dont care, but ill post my pictures when i develop them...yessss i said develop them, im too cheap for a digital camera

i love dave (thought id remind you) i finally beat him at scrabble :)

i dont think i am even gonna try and test out of health...i still have a lot more to do and very little time to do it

saw napoleon dynamite the other day...ive never laughed so hard at a theatre...i laughed for like 20 minues straight

bought the mindy smith cd yesterday...it is really good

omg i am so sick of those stupid revlon commercials with halle berry and those other chicks with that retarded french song...it makes me wanna shove a butchers knife through my eyeballs

i hate ashlee simpson...so sue me

emily is in maine and i really miss her...i know she was at camp last week but i didnt see much of her

saw princess diaries 2...it sucked and i suggest you DONT spend your money on it...ever...dont even see it at the cheap show...or buy it...dont even rent it

im actually looking forward to school :O i just miss my friends alot...

its gonna be crazy though...ill have work and school and church and dave and missions and school play and okay so maybe im not looking forward to it :\

three months next tuesday woop woop

i bought star trek 4 today...the one with the whales...its my favorite and turns out to be daves too...its awesome and it really proves that dave and i ARE the two biggest nerds and also that we are PERFECT for each other

yea...so when i get those pics...

addedCollapse )

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strange day Aug. 6th, 2004 @ 01:51 pm
yesterday was kinda weird.

i woke up and took a shower, then went to best buy...

these two black guys were at the front door and they were kinda...weirdCollapse )

then i was driving to alaina's to pick her up...and there was a man on a lawn mower driving down the road at like 5 mph...and all the lanes were super crowded and i couldnt get over...i finally did but i got to alaina's a half hour late

so we went to the mall to find me a semi-wearable one-piecer for camp/jamaica and we're in sears and this lady comes up to usCollapse )

then we looked around sears and i found a cute shirt and i got it

then we went to buy pretzels we wanted dip sticks and the lady was like "we only have one dipstick" and we thought she meant like one single stick...which wouldve been hilarious, but actually she had one package which alaina ate haha

then we saw lawrence hawley but he didnt see us back...oh well

then i dropped off alaina

and when i was driving home i saw some lil kids having a lemonade stand so i bought from them cos they were so cute...the lemonade wasnt bad either!

oh and heres the pictures that we took at sears:

smile for the duckie!Collapse )

work from 3-7, then movies with dave & jb, then liz's birthday woop

th-th-thats all folks!


yep yep Aug. 5th, 2004 @ 12:33 am
i miss you paul!!! sundaes all around when we go out again

first day on the job was TODAY :) it was nice...its a great place to work and i like the people i work with

went to red robins after church...i refuse to go out in public with josh thomas anymore
"maybe cos its big everywhere it doesnt have to be big elsewear" me and alaina make so much sense sometimes :)

i want to buy The Killers cd...im gonna do it haha


i wore my hair in one of those poofy ponytails tonight...it was hott! woohoo

PaulieMack112183: i'm capt. jack sparrow...savy! 8-) i love paul haha

i finished listening to The Killers on rhapsody...im def buying their cd...now im listening to Katy Rose and im def NOT buying hers...she sounds like hilary duff :P ew

wanna fanta?Collapse )

night all!
i feel: cheerfulcheerful
listening to: Katy Rose...who cares, its crap

what ive been up to Aug. 2nd, 2004 @ 06:59 pm
snip snip, i evened out my hair

i stopped biting my nails, they are LONG

i went to the zoo, and i saw the penguins :) im gonna buy a zoo when im older

got a job, @ tree of life the lovely lil christian bookstore on kelly

ive read alot of books this past week

got ANOTHER new computer, heh long story

yea and thats about it

how do you spell seinfeld? sienfeld or seinfeld?
i feel: boredbored
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black tips Jul. 23rd, 2004 @ 05:10 pm
i dyed the tips of my hair black

deal with it

but just in case my parents kill me for it- i love you, ill never forget you and im leaving you my sterio

more crap...just not about my hairCollapse )

im gonig to go read in my bedroom
i feel: nervousnervous
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me by deb =) Jul. 14th, 2004 @ 11:59 pm
deb leone drew this lovely picture of me that is now being used as my icon :)

thanks deb!

i feel: excitedexcited
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